Wife offering in England was an easy method of closing a marriage that is unsatisfactory ‘mutual’ and ‘not so mutual’ contract started into the belated seventeenth century, whenever breakup had been a practical impossibility for several however the really wealthiest. The equivalent cost of finding a breakup then though could be ?20,000.00 at todays rates.

After parading their spouse at a public marketplace with a halter around her throat, supply, or waistline, the spouse would publicly auction her towards the highest bidder, usually making use of the solutions of a auctioneer.

Wife offering persisted in England in a few type before the very very very early 20th century; based on the jurist and historian James Bryce, composing in 1901, spouse sales remained periodically happening during their time. A woman giving evidence in a Leeds (city in West Yorkshire) police court in 1913 claimed that she had been sold to one of her husband’s workmates for ?1 in one of the last reported instances of a wife sale in England.

The extensive belief that a person could lawfully divorce their spouse by placing a halter around her throat and leading her become offered available on the market on a reasonable time. This was a relatively civilized arrangement between the husband, wife and her lover, all three meeting amicably afterwards for a drink in some cases. Various other instances the spouse will be ‘sold’ to a complete complete stranger when it comes to bid that is highest.

The training of ‘wife selling’ had not been strictly appropriate but became popular among the list of bad as an answer up to a poor wedding. The legal authorities turned a blind eye in the early days. The training became more unpopular with its stages that are latter had been increasingly stamped down on the courts and may involve upto six months in jail.

Some instances of Wife Attempting To Sell

Chipping Norton

The training continued in rural areas as belated because the century that is mid-nineteenth. A man sold his wife for ?25.00, a generous amount as the minimum https://www.mail-order-bride.net/philippines-brides/ price expected was 25 pence in 1855, at Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds. By this time around the spouse selling practice had been not any longer considered respectable by the townspeople. For three evenings operating the buyer along with his brand new ‘bride’ were put through ‘rough music’, a normal rural punishment for intimate misdemeanors where in fact the victims is assailed by way of a cacophony of discordant sound and ribald verses. A straw effigy of the man was burnt outside his house on the third night. He eventually gave in and paid the original spouse to simply take their spouse straight right back.


In 1760 Gloucestershire magistrates heard the instance of a female that has hitched within the 1740s. She and her spouse would not take very long to part in the shape of a spouse purchase in Gloucester. Her brand brand new spouse had been a coal miner, Nicholas browse, whom took her to Bath, where they certainly were hitched “by one parson Crey, a minister that is lawless. “

The practice had become so widespread that it was the subject of editorial comment by the 1790s. “As cases of the purchase of spouses have actually of belated usually occured one of the lower classes of individuals who think about such sales lawful, we think it directly to notify that, by dedication associated with courts of legislation, in a previous reign, these were announced unlawful and void, and considered (when you look at the light of which faith must see them) merely a pretense to sanction the criminal activity of adultery. ” The finish for the Napoleonic Wars has also been a specially busy time.


The initial recorded example of a change of cash for releasing a spouse through the responsibilities of their wedding originates from Bilston (near Wolverhampton, Birmingham), within the 1690s, when “John son of Nathan Whitehouse of Tipton, offered their spouse to Mr Bracegirdle. “

Soon afterward a person had been presented into the Thame church court for cohabitation with another’s spouse. The lb. Throughout the proceedingss it arrived on the scene that he had “bought another’s wife” off her spouse at 21/4 pence”

Because of the very very early eighteenth century, sources to spouse product sales had been finding their method in to the press. The Annual Register carried the after account in August 1733.

“Three males and three ladies, decided to go to the Bell Inn in Edgbaston-street, Birmingham, making the following entry in the cost guide which is held there: –

Samuel Whitehouse, regarding the parish of Willenhall, into the county of Stafford, offered their wife, Mary Whitehouse, when you look at the market that is open to Thomas Griffiths, of Birmingham. Value, one guinea. To simply simply simply take her along with her faults.


In 1820 a ‘decent-looking guy’ led his erring spouse into the cattle market of Canterbury as soon as the autioneer declined to auction her very first he hired a pen that is cattle keep her in until she ended up being fundamentally auctioned for five shillings (25 pence in todays cash).

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