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Tone City TC-T1

Wild Fire Distortion Pedal (Riot Style)

Tone City Wild Fire Distortion Pedal

The Tone City Wild Fire Distortion Pedal is a thick, musical and responsive distortion pedal based on the Suhr Riot Pedal tones.

The Tone City Wild Fire is a versatile high-gain distortion pedal with the sonic characteristics and touch sensitivity of a high quality 100 watt tube amplifier. The Wild Fire will transform any clean amp into a rock tone machine that will suit your favorite rock tunes.

Tone City Wild Fire Controls

Gain: Adjusts the amount of gain/distortion added to your tone, taking you from classic crunch to high-gain heaven.

Level: Adjusts the output of the pedal. Riot provides enough level to push the front end of any tube amp into natural overdrive.

Tone: Shapes the overall tonal response of the pedal, from smooth and warm to cutting lead tones.

Voicing Switch (two position)

Up – Modern Rock Thicker Tones
Down – Classic Rock Style Tones

All Tone City pedals are True Bypass and require a regular 9v Power Supply for operation as there’s no battery slot.

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