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IRON MAN Mini Series JF-315 Effectors Tonal Response


Overview: JOYO pedals do it again. In the last years Joyo has made a number of nice quality and lowcost guitar effects pedals that are geared towards the budget-minded musician. The company is committed to providing outstanding tone and every JOYO effects unit is individually tested and approved by professional musicians. Designer and Musician Terry Li demonstrated a number of their pedals, including their new line called the Ironman Series at NAMM USA Show 2014. In addition to the “Orange Juice” amplifier simulation pedal, they have a unique spin on protecting your sound settings. This prevents users from bumping and changing the knobs and from others who want to copy your tone

True metallic crunch sounds are almost impossible to get from a guitar pedal. There is just something that an EQ’d 100 Watt tube amp gives you that a pedal can not. The Metal Head on the other hand might just change your mind. From fat chunky gobs of direct Mid assaults to screaming high gains, this pedal can bite!What’s even more special is the EQ section with MID and HIGH controls, but not bass. Bass bottom is built in, but you can sculpt your sound with much more precision using the important mid warmth and high end bite. Don’t believe us, just try it and you might never want to use another high gain pedal.

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