Distortion Arsenal lives up to its name by equipping you with all kinds of distortion arms from classic British crunch to modern high-gain tones.

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It is a high-gain distortion pedal specifically designed for metal.

If distortion is blade, BladeMaster is the master born to manifest the blade to its ultimate.

Normally, HI GAIN metal distortion delivers a feeling of hallow out, with a dull and stiff tone, strictly matching some special amps, While BladeMaster offers a full tone similar to a Hi Gain tube amp.

With 3 levels EQ and WOW clip (LFE), you could easily obtain your desired tone from ferocious Riffs to full metal Solos, the outstanding dynamic brings you an authentic and sensitive feeling.

BladeMaster will easily activate your amp to a roaring monster with ferocious distortion screaming.

True Bypass design.